Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Serving the Virgin Island Community

The following are frequently asked questions posed by potential SkyMed Members. For further clarification, please contact a SkyMed Representative in either our St. Thomas or St. Croix offices.

Under what situation would anyone need an emergency medical air transportation flight?

If a member suffers a critical illness or injury that can not be treated locally, SkyMed will transport the member to the closest appropriate hospital. The member must be in a 24-hour medical clinic or hospital and be in a stable condition to be transported.
The attending physician will fax the written orders on what is required for the flight. SkyMed never makes medical decisions. A bed will be reserved by the receiving hospital and an admitting physician will admit the member.
The standard medical staff on the flight will be a critical care nurse and paramedic. Medical costs are born by the member. Skymed pays total transportation costs including medical staff on board aircraft.

What geographic areas does SkyMed cover?

SkyMed covers USA, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Caribbean and Bermuda. Please contact our Corporate office if you need a supplemental plan when you need coverage while traveling anywhere in the world. Our corporate office can be reached at 1-800-475-9633.

Is there a waiting period for pre-existing medical conditions?

If an applicant is taking prescription medications or has a pre-existing medical condition, that specific condition is covered after 90 days from the date the member is accepted for membership.
Car accidents and other non-related illnesses or injuries during the pre-existing condition(s) period are covered from day one.

What constitutes a Family Membership

Two people who cohabitate at the same physical address. They must use the same transport preference destination. Children up to the age of 18 (or 24 if attending an accredited university or community college) are considered part of the family membership. Children are covered when attending school away from home as long as they meet the age requirements and are in an area that SkyMed covers.
Members of the same family (ie..mother/daughter) over that stated age must have separate memberships.

Can the member change their transport preference if they have the NATEO or NATO Plan?

Yes, the request must be made in writing and the change is valid after 30 days from the date the request is submitted.

What is meant by Hospital to Hospital Service?

SkyMed will arrange and pay for all costs including ground ambulances between hospital and airport at the beginning and termination of the flights.

Does SkyMed own their aircraft?

Since 1989, SkyMed has built relationships with the best air ambulance carriers in the world. We require that these partners pre-certify to be on our provider list and that they will dispatch 24/7 when a SkyMed member needs to be rescued.
One call to SkyMed 24/7/365 and all details are handled efficiently and professionally. All flights must be pre-approved by SkyMed.

What is meant by organ retrieval and recipient transportation?

SkyMed will provide transportation for the donated organ to the member’s recipient hospital OR provide transportation for the member to the hospital site of the donated organ. Members on a transplant list at the time of membership are ineligible for this service.

What about claim forms? Co-Payments? Deductibles?

With a SkyMed Membership plan, there are no forms, co-payments or deductibles. Just one call to SkyMed and the member has peace of mind.

Is the manner of a member’s transportation limited?

The member can travel by air, boat, car, RV, motorcycle, etc…

What are the available SkyMed Membership periods?

You may purchase a membership for any period between 5 days and 5 years.

What type of aircraft are used?

Each air ambulance is a fully equipped intensive care unit complete with medical staff to handle the emergency. In addition, there is usually space for one passenger.

What is the cost of an air ambulance service?

Without a SkyMed Membership plan, you can expect to pay:
USVI – San Juan: $8-$10,000
USVI – Miami: $40,000+
USVI – Boston: $60,000+
With SkyMed, your only cost is the price of your membership!

Who is eligible for a SkyMed Membership?

Americans, Canadians and permanent residents of the USVI